Route to Conflict

Documentary (DVD), 10 min., in Thai with English subtitles, 2003.

In 2003, huge protests by communities erupted in Songkhla town in Southern Thailand against a planned natural gas pipeline and petrochemical complex planned to be built in Songkhla province by the Thai government. The pipeline project, to take gas from the offshore natural gas fields near Malaysia, and its industrial development posed a threat to the coastal fisheries and fish-based livelihoods of thousands in the southern provinces. The project was proposed to go ahead with little or no consultations with the communities about the potential impacts.

The protests were met by violence by huge numbers of police who forcibly dispersed the unarmed gathering including women and children.

The film was made as a short campaign documentary for use by the groups fighting against the project. Compiling filmed footage, interviews and newsclips, the film shows how the protests slowly gathered strength as people gathered and then the events of that fateful night when hundreds of police first surrounded then marched on the people, swinging their batons injuring dozens.  The film also features interviews with the members of Thailand’s Human Rights Commission about the state violence.

Script and Direction: Rajesh Daniel

Editor: Plengvut Plengplang

Produced by Network of Thai Groups in Alliance Against the Thai-Malaysia Gas Pipeline, Thailand.

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