I’m a writer and filmmaker working in the areas of ecology, history, knowledge politics and natural resource governance. Now based in Bangkok after journeying from Chennai, South India, I have been fortunate to meet many inspiring people in my work with civil society organizations, academia and news and media enterprises. I write articles for booksnewspapers and journals, co-edit books, and help social science researchers take their journal articles and book chapters to publication. Every now and then, I collaborate and produce social documentary films.

My most recent stint was a very enjoyable five years with Unit for Social and Environmental Research (USER) in Chiang Mai University, Thailand researching “Mekong water governance”. It was a wonderful workplace that allowed me to rediscover how so much in life becomes possible when we can come together with a small group of people who are like-minded, well-read, articulate, have a sense of humor, are good at what they do (research and writing) and, most importantly, love to sit together and enjoy a couple of beers at the end of the day.

My work takes me across Thailand and the Mekong region. After the birth of my son in June 2009, I have been spending most of my time working from home.

Noel Rajesh Daniel

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  1. What ho! What ho! What ho!

    i’m impressed…..enough to promise myself to follow this site……

    may you find all the words you need, when you need them!!!

    Jai ho!!!

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