Restless Shores

Documentary (DVD), 20 min., in Tamil with English subtitles, 2003.

For the local community in Overi on the southeastern coast of India, their small-scale fishing livelihoods are under threat. As the Government of India encourages the export of fish and prawn, large-scale commercial trawler boats are encroaching and destroying local community fishing grounds along the coast. The consequence is a rapid decline in local fish harvests and fish species diversity.  Moreover, with rising fish prices, a crucial source of protein is becoming unaffordable for many rural communities.

The local people of Overi narrate their story of the “restless shores”: the changes and challenges they are facing from the export-oriented commercial fishing boats as they struggle to maintain control over local fishing grounds, their fishing livelihoods and economic security.

Script and Direction: Rajesh Daniel

Camera: Sarangan

2nd Camera: Nitya Raj

Editor: Michael Frank

Produced by Church of Sweden, Uppsala, Sweden. 

The film was screened at:

Film South Asia film festival, Kathmandu, Nepal 2003 (

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