Common Property, Knowledge Systems and Contestation of Social Spaces

Common Property, Knowledge Systems and Contestation of Social Spaces. 2007.  Daniel, R. (Ed.). Regional Centre for Sustainable Development (RCSD), Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand. RSCD Publication Series.

When examining the processes of disempowerment and marginalization of communities and their resources, we find that at the centre of these processes lie the control and curtailment of knowledge production in particular by state institutions or corporate entities.  This book uses case studies from the Mekong region to explore how, in numerous ways,  indigenous or informal knowledge systems are produced and conserved and used to support their struggle over the contestation of social spaces and common property systems.

About the RCSD Publication Series

RCSD provides visiting fellowships and research grants as well as initiated a “Masters in Sustainable Development” (MA) course in 2000 in which the graduating students produced theses in the field of sustainable development studies on a wide range of subjects that reflect the diversity of socio-political contexts and areas of study in the Thailand-Indochina region.

The volumes in RCSD’s publication series comprise output from the research grants and fellowships such as monographs and summaries of student theses from the MA program. The publications series has the  intention to make RCSD research writings more easily accessible to a wider audience of students, academics, social activists, policymakers and others involved in work and studies on Southeast Asia and, of particular importance, the Mekong region.

Common Property, Knowledge Systems and Contestation of Social Spaces. 2007.

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