My new book is out …

Sustainable Production Consumption Systems: Knowledge, Engagement and Practice
Edited By Lebel Louis, Sylvia Lorek, Rajesh Daniel
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Subject: Earth and Environmental Science, Sustainable Development and Social Sciences, general

It has my chapter: Agrofuels in Thailand: Policies, Practices and Prospects (co-authored with Louis Lebel and Shabbir H. Gheewala)

Book overview
Sustainable Production Consumption Systems brings together a set of designed case studies intended to provide a more in-depth understanding of challenges and opportunities in bringing knowledge and actions closer together for the sustainable management of specific production and consumption systems. The case study approach enabled researchers to engage directly with some of the actors involved in the production, consumption or regulation of specific goods or services and other stakeholders affected by those processes. Such engagement was particularly worthwhile when it helped mobilize actors to pursue linking knowledge with action in ways that improve the prospects for sustainability.

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